Family Raised Mini Goldendoodles

Our Mini Goldendoodle Photo Albums


Lacey Lou and Cracker's 7 girls and 4 boys were born on March 1st!

Lacey's puppies will go home April 19th...These puppies are all reserved...

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Holly and Cracker's Puppies were born on March 19th

Holly's puppies will go home on May 10th and fly on May 14th ! If you're not already on the waiting list for puppies, I'm afraid you won't be able to get one of these little ones...we will have availability on the puppies going home in June and July :) Contact us and we'll tell you how to get on the waiting list :)

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Maisy's Little Girl :)

She's been reserved already... :) for the lucky family :( for everyone else

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Autism Speaks' 14th Annual Celebrity Golf Challenge

This guy is going to NY ! He's going to be a part the Autism Speaks' 14th Annual Celebrity Golf Challenge and auction on June 11th ! ****UPDATE****** He raised $13,000 for Autism Speaks ! We're just thrilled and we know he'll love his new family !

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Moms and Dads !!

This album is full pictures of our moms and dads !! Our moms are a variety of colors. Our three dads are Casey who is a white mini poodle Cracker who is a dark red mini poodle and Chewy who is a red mini poodle.. Our parents are all very gentle and great pets !! We have 5 acres and Mike and Lisa have 9 acres to let them run and have fun !!

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Yay ! A new puppy album

YAY !! We get to start another album of our mini goldendoodle puppies in their new homes !! Thanks to all the families that send us pictures so others can spend HOURS on our site ! You can get a look at all of the different colors and coat types of our mini goldendoodles !! We have lots of albums and hundreds of pictures !!! Get comfy !!

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Another Great Album !!

Here's another great album full of fantastic pictures of our Mini Golden Doodles in their new homes with theri new families !!

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Lots of our puppies in their new homes !!

More mini goldendoodles !

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Life On The Farm !!

This is just a few shots of the critters we have here on our little corner of the earth !!! Everyone gets along (no bullies allowed) ! It's a great place for kids and puppies to grow up !!

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Our Mini Cows !!!

Abby's Past Puppies

Ava's (retired mom) past puppies

Belle's (retired mom) Past Puppies !

Brittany's (retired mom) Past Puppies !

CeCe's (retired mom) past Puppies !

Chloe's past puppies

Chloe Jo's past puppies

Cracker's puppies

Daisy's (retired mom) past puppies ! (not to be confused with Daisy Doodle !)

Daisy Doodle's Past Puppies !

Dakota's past puppies

Daphne's Toy F1b Past Puppies

Gabby's Past Puppies

Ginger's (retired mom) Past Puppies !

Gracie's past puppies !

Holly and Cracker's past puppies !

Honey's Past Puppies !

Jill and Cracker's past puppies

Kenzie's Past Puppies !

Lacey's Past Puppies !

Lilly's (retired mom) Past Puppies !

Lilly Mae's (retired mom) past puppies !

Lucy's past puppies !

Mandi's past puppies !

MaeBelle's past puppies !

Milly's past puppies !

Molly's past puppies !

Molly Dee and Cracker's past puppies !

Molly Mae's past puppies

Morgan's (retired mom) Past Puppies

Parker's Past Puppies

Peggy's F1b puppies in their new homes !!

Riley's past puppies !

Sadie's Past Puppies

Sammy's Past Puppies

Sandy's Past Puppies !

Shasta's past puppies !

Sheila's (retired mom) past puppies !!

Shelby's past puppies

Shiloh's (retired mom) Past Puppies !

Sophie's Past Puppies !

Sunny's (retired mom) past puppies !

Susie's (retired mom) past puppies

Christmas Pictures !!

Country Mini Doodles Decked Out For Fall!!

Christmas Pictures!!