Family Raised Mini Goldendoodles


We proudly offer family raised, country grown mini goldendoodles.

We Have Mini Golden Doodles Available !

Updated April 20,  2014

We  have mini golden doodles puppies !

At this very second, the puppies that we have now are reserved….but,  this can change daily so call, text or email to find out the latest availability :) We will also have litters VERY due soon that will go home in June and July !! We’ll have F1 minis, F1b minis and F1b toys ! Just in time for summer fun !

You can still send a deposit to get on the waiting list for these litters and get a great picking spot :) The deposits are fully refundable at anytime. We understand all too well that lives change and sometimes getting a puppy needs wait. So if you don’t get a puppy, it won’t cost you any money. Your deposit is just to hold your spot in line :)

When the puppies are born, we right away post pictures on the site and start calling the families on the waiting list ! When I get to your name I’ll let you know what picking spot you can be on that litter….You can opt to take that spot or wait on another litter.

Once you reserve a picking spot on one of our litters you can watch the puppies grow thru the pictures that we put on the site every Sunday ! You’ll become addicted to our site especially on Sundays  :)    The actual puppy picks happen on the day that they go home which is always the Saturday between their 7th and 8th week.

Families that live too far away and want their puppy shipped will be called during their picking time. We’ll help them choose their puppy, telling them about the different temperaments, sizes, coats etc. along with the pictures on the site. We can then fly the puppy home on the day that he/she turns 8 weeks old :)

We also offer a delivery service for our puppies ! We can meet you half way or drive to your doorstep. We have lots of families members that love to help us out with these road trips :)

Again, the deposit is $300 and it’s TOTALLY refundable should you change your mind about getting one of our mini doodles. We’ll never keep your money if you don’t get a puppy.

Our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee against genetic issues. Should something arise in those 2 years, we will cover the cost of treatment up to the cost of the puppy. There’s of course always the option of getting another mini doodle instead. If that’s your desire, we would never ask for your original puppy back of course. We know that parting with a family member would be impossible… All this said, our mini golden doodles have been so incredibly healthy. Our vet is a HUGE fan of mini doodles.

You can follow me and the happenings of the doodles on twitter  …. I’ll be tweeting fun and exciting things….like oh, vet trips, breeding trips, airport runs…..but then REALLY fun things like when puppies are being born !!! You can also like our Facebook page where lots of our families are posting great pictures and videos of their puppies in their new homes ! There are links to Twitter and Facebook at the top right corner of this page !!

We welcome families to come visit our farm to meet us, the parents and of course the puppies :) We love to show off how we raise our puppies and how our moms and dads live here !! And they of course love meeting new people ! Besides that, we know that getting a puppy is a huge deal and getting to see where they come from is very important !

Just call, text or email and we’ll set up a time that we’ll be home !

Be sure to visit our photo gallery to see hundreds of pictures of our puppies in their new homes ! You can see the different coats and colors of our puppies and who the parents are of each puppy. Knowing which of our earlier puppies you like helps us to know what you would like your puppy to look like.

We’d love to give you all of the details… price, how we do our picks and how you can reserve a great picking spot to get one of these terrific little puppies !!

If you have any questions about our puppies or about us, don’t hesitate to call, text or email us anytme !

We’d love to help !

Again, give us a shout and set up a time to come see us !

Looking forward to hearing from you !

email us at

Call or Text (we love texts!)



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Pencils of Promise’s Mini Golden Doodle Puppy !

Lisa and I (Angie) recently took one of our mini doodle puppies to New York City to help the amazing people at Pencils of Promise. They held their 2nd annual PopGala and our puppy was a huge hit. After the bidding war ended, Usher was victorious and now has his very own Country Mini Doodle Puppy ! A lot of money was raised for Pencils of Promise to aid in their mission to provide access to quality education for every child across the globe ! Check them out at !

Mini Goldendoodles Are All We Do !!!

Here at Country Mini Doodles, we concentrate solely on Mini Goldendoodles !! We think that mini goldendoodles are great little puppies that grow up into wonderful family pets and best friends. We want to do the best job we can do raising just one breed……

We would love to help your family adopt one of our terrific puppies. We strive to make this process as much fun as we can….this is an exciting time…As my mom always says….”Making Memories” is what’s important….We want to make this experience a great memory in your kid’s lives….We want this to be FUN !!!!

If you’re looking for a girl or boy, smaller or bigger, darker or lighter, more active or less active, we’ll do our best when it’s your turn to choose your puppy, to help you choose the puppy that best fits your family!

 We’re here for visits to our farm and I’ll answer all the emails and phone calls that you (and your kids) can muster up !!

 We take pride in providing these wonderful little puppies to their new families !! Whether you’ve had dogs all your life, or if this is the first time, we’re here to help in any way we can !!! When you call or email us, we will answer all of your questions to help you make the decision about adopting one of our mini goldendoodles into your family. We love working with families to help them choose a puppy that will meet all of their needs !! We have an application link on our site where you can tell us everything that you’re looking for in your new family member !! On that form you can tell us if you’re wanting a boy or a girl mini goldendoodle, the color you most like, which coat type you prefer, the temperament that most fits your family, basically anything that’s important to you and your family!! We use this information to help you when you’re choosing your new puppy !! It’s very important that the right puppy goes home with the right family, so we will give you all of the insight we have on each of our puppies ! We get to know them very well during the weeks that they’re at our homes !! A happy family means a happy puppy and that’s what our goal is !!  We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping you in this process !!!